UCA Computer Games Arts

Exhibition design and build

The Computer Games Arts course, based at the University for the Creative Arts campus in Farnham, is a three-year degree programme that focuses on helping students develop specialised skills from concept art to programming and scripting.

The university asked us to develop a flexible and reusable display system for the course to use for its yearly game symposium. We designed a system of modular units made out of steel frames and pegboard that allowed different configurations depending on the needs of each student production team. The flexibility of the system meant that the units could be re-used for future exhibitions, also allowing for a different layout each time. The pegboard offered even more flexibility to displaying supporting content for each game, and also provided a good level of ventilation for the computer units stored inside.

computergames_unitsetup2 computer_games_works1computer_games_9 computer_games_1 computer_games_2computer_games_5 computer_games_7computer_games_8computer_games_6