The Bread and Roses Film Festival

Identity and printed matter

Curated by Studio Strike and supported by Film London and the BFI, the Bread and Roses Film Festival marked the centenary of the 1912 ‘Bread and Roses’ textile workers strike in Massachusetts. The festival held screenings and talks on Clapham Common, at the Studiostrike Community Cinema, at community centres in Lambeth, and cinemas across south London including the Ritzy Picturehouse in Brixton.

We designed identity elements to reflect the historical context of unions and workers’ rights – themes explored during the festival. The logo drew inspiration from the sawtooth factory rooftops, while the imagery was carefully selected from the archive of the US Library of Congress. We also wanted to replicate the propaganda communication and dissemination methods used historically by workers’ unions. To this effect all the printed matter, from posters and programmes to marketing literature, was produced using widely available print duplicators, un-refined paper stocks and newsprint – all cost effective options historically favoured by unions throughout the decades.

bread_roses_logobreadroses_1 bread_roses_3 bread_roses_2 bread_roses_4