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Context Identity

Context Land Identity, Website 2018

A graphic identity for a pioneering pre-planning & development consultancy in Cheltenham, UK. We designed a substantial pictogram library to help the company visualise ideas and proposals in the pre-planning stage during the public consultation process. These pictograms became central to the identity and are used in various sizes across their project documentation. The identity project also consisted of a responsive website, stationery, animations and various document layouts.

Pictogram animations by James Ward.

Wordmark for Context Land - Development Consultants based in Cheltenham UK. Pictograms created as part of the Context Identity project. Context business cards printed with 5 hit White ink using HP Indigo technology on GF Smith Colorplan. Printed by Withprint. Letterhead with tile grid for Context. Printed by Withprint. Animation showing the variety of pictograms created for the Context Identity Project. Digital print correspondence cards printed by Withprint for Context. Wire-bound document layout design for Context Land. Internal layouts for project documents designed by Studio Mothership. Document layouts showing use of pictograms as part of the new visual identity for Context Land. Document layout title page for Context Land by Studio Mothership. Pictogram design for application in different sizes on digital and print documents. Proposal document title page for Context Land.