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Gather St Anne's

Bricks Exhibition 2021

"Gather St Anne's" is an exhibition designed in collaboration with Bricks Bristol as part of a project to collect and collate the histories and stories of St Anne’s House and the surrounding area. The site has had many incarnations of both local and international significance; as a pottery, a chapel, a quarry, a board mill, a council office, a homeless shelter and now a creative community hub. Using materials donated from local residents past and present, archive documents and untold stories from local communities to chart the importance of the site in shaping the area of St Anne's through the ages.

The exhibition is designed as a starting point, encouraging local residents to share and exchange personal experiences of living in St Anne's.

Over 70% of the exhibition was produced using repurposed materials such as acrylic, papers and board materials left over from past projects that we actively retain in our ever growing materials library.

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