Pea Soup House

Installation identity, printed matter and infographic panels

Pea Soup House is a pop-up installation hosted at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) during the London Festival of Architecture 2016 serving daily free colour-coded soup which matches the Daily Air Quality Index (DAQI) of London. The installation, designed and built by a team of architects from Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, served to bring people together through food and architecture, whilst help raise awareness of air pollution. Built with carbon neutral materials, the coloured batons on the structure represent the daily air quality of London in colour code for the whole of 2015.

FCB Studios asked us to design the installation identity and printed items. We were also tasked with translating the valuable data collected by the research team at the King’s College London into exhibition infographics. The infographics, hosted inside the structure display information on how air pollution around the world impacts on air quality in London and give valuable advice for daily commuters. The panels are a mixture of direct print onto plywood, etched acrylic and laser cut elements, to help create a clearer layering system of information and technical data.

The project is now in its second phase, which will see the structure tour pollution hot spots in central London with the data and the coloured batons of the structure changing to reflect the local pollution levels.

Photos by Richard Battye, Chris Allen & Elizabeth Knuckles

Pea soup house structure London Pea soup house flyers pshposterpsh_structure8soup cups 1 soup cups 2 pea soup house information walls pea soup house information panels 2 Pea soup house serving Pea soup house in action