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St Anne's House

Bricks Identity, Print, Way-finding 2022

Graphic Identity, Signage and Way-finding for Creative Community Hub St Anne's House Bristol set up in 2021 by arts charity Bricks.

The identity is centred around the custom font Mill Display. A font designed specifically for SAH after extensive research of the site heritage with the help of Bristol Archives. It is inspired by the fabric of the building, and the historical context of the St Anne's Paper Mill, which the building was originally part of. The letterforms use a square grid format that references to architecture of building, whilst the character of the letterforms is a direct reference to mechanical forms and shapes of the paper milling process at the St Anne’s Paper Board Mill.

The placemaking signage was part-fabricated on site through a series of workshops with students from the MA programme at the University of the West England.

The way-finding system was designed with versatility in mind. Based around a modular system made out of cnc -cut Valchromat pieces the system allows staff members to readjust, temporarily remove pieces, and add temporary signage and notices, leaflet holders and poster magnets for multi-use spaces within the building.

The project also consisted of designing multiple artwork templates to be used by the Bricks in-house team for the communication materials used across the different public programmes running throughout the year.

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