The Book is Alive!

Book design and content curation

The University for the Creative Arts and the London South Bank University ran a joint research project (titled Book Live!) to survey current thinking and innovative practice in contemporary publishing. The project, managed through the universities’ research programmes (Bookroom and CMCR respectively) culminated in June 2012 with a two-day conference in London. The event brought together some of the key theorists, researchers and practitioners in the field to examine the current ‘transformation’ of the book and its ability to keep up with digital culture and the emergence of new modes of writing, photographing, reading, collecting and disseminating ‘on the page’ work.

The Book is Alive! documented the presentations, research and findings of the conference. The design of the the cover allowed for a playful but simple exploration of the physical limitations of the book with the continuation of the publication cover artwork, flowing from front to back, and from one copy of the book to another. The publication was published by Sheffield-based publishers RGAP and was launched during The London Art Book Fair 2013.


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