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Transition II

University for the Creative Arts Exhibition, Print 2016

Transition II is an installation by internationally renowned artist Professor Magdalene Odundo OBE which was exhibited at the James Hockey Gallery in Farnham. Originally inspired by water and the flow of the Nile in particular, the installation consists of 1,001 glass vessels suspended from the ceiling as a wave.

Magdalene Odundo's invite. Front view with hot foiling on duplex Plike Graphite paper stock. Magdalene Odundo's invite. Reverse view with letterpress on duplex Colorplan Vermillion paper stock. View of the Transition II installation with 1000 blown glass pieces for the Odundo Exhibition at the James Hockey Gallery Farnham James Hockey gallery entrance with a large scale vinyl graphic for the Odundo exhibition Detail shot of the glass blown pieces by M. Odundo Entrance information wall vinyl at the James Hockey Gallery Farnham An installation of one thousand blown glass elements